Jumbo Loans

We offer the most competitive Jumbo loan products in the industry, including high loan to value, outside of the box scenarios and  piggy back second options.  In addition, we offer a unique product that the big banks do not offer.

-We consider tax return income BEFORE write offs /expenses.JUMBO2

-If you transfer money from your business account into your personal account, that’s income.

-If you have checking, savings, portfolio accounts, we calculate / derive income from those account balances.

-BK or Foreclosure ACCEPTABLE if explainable and borrower has income from other entities.


We offer makes sense underwriting for borrowers who can demonstrate that they can afford their payment.

Purchase, Rate reduction Refinance, Cash Out Refinance, Pay Off Hard Money Loans.

Must have 30% equity in the property or 30% down payment.

Great Rates, Interest Only Available.

Loans $300,000 up to $10 Million

Use your nest egg to qualify for a loan with little income.


***If you have been turned down by your bank or mortgage company for any of the following reasons, give us a call!


-Debt to income is too high or I write too many expenses off on my tax returns for my business.

-BK or Foreclosure too recent for the banks to give me financing.

-I am a foreign national.

-I need a cosigner who is not going to live in the home with me.

-I have a high credit score but I do not have enough trade lines.

-I have less than two years self employment income documented(Only 1 year business returns filed).

-I can pay cash for the house but then my reserves will be wiped out.

-Recently retired?  Recent changes in underwriting guidelines allow retired borrowers to use their assets as qualifying income.